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Every month we source one of the latest collectible decks from some of the great deck creators and send them straight to you. What could be better than that you ask?

  • All decks sent will always be the latest and best (in some cases we get decks before their main release)
  • Evey deck is pre-reviewed to ensure quality.

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  • Every month the retail value of the deck will be higher than the monthly subscription.
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    Previouse decks.

    Below are some of the decks that where sourced for our members recently.

    Masters Normal Series Deck (Blue Seal)

    The long awaited and super anticipated 100% NEW custom deck - "De'vo's Signature Series Card Masters" is here!

    De'vo's Signature Series is his series for card collectors with an emphasis on unique and beautiful artwork and customization. This particular deck in the series is also ideal for playing cards, flourishes/XCM and magic due to it having white borders on both the backs and faces. The bordered corners of the face cards are also white instant pip recognition making it great for card games.

    This amazing new deck has custom everything, custom pips, court cards, jokers, and a beautiful gold foil box. Card Masters are LIMITED EDITION and have incredible custom artwork by amazing artist Anika Burrell. The court cards are absolutely gorgeous with each of the characters doing a classic in card manipulation. Court card character masks, hair, and coloring change between the different suits making them all individually unique. There are 2 different jokers and one with a reveal for magicians. There is even a suicide king in this very special deck.

    This deck also includes a special signature card with signatures from both the artist and De'vo and a blank card designed to match the bordered faces for doing blank fans or magic. Both the backs and faces have De'vo's signature twin tip mirror back design - meaning this deck will give you a total of 4 different fans (2 on the back and 2 on the faces) depending on which way you fan them, and mirror back meaning that you can shuffle them normally without worrying about getting them mixed up.

    Starlight Black Hole Deck

    This 2nd deck in the Starlight series displays a glorious abyss of glowing stars that fade into a dark unknown of a black hole. The Starlight Black Hole playing cards feature 56 custom cards printed on the classic Air-Cushion Finish.

    The deck displays a glorious abyss of glowing stars that fade into a dark unknown of a black hole. This deck will keep you in awe and wonder. Released by Collectable Playing Cards and printed by USPCC.

    "(Video Review) It’s a quality deck of cards that handles and manipulates well. If you like the look, definitely check it out. " Wayne Kawamoto, 6/3/2015 Full Review

    Bicycle One Million Deck (Red)

    The One Million Bicycle® deck is pure elegance and luxury printed by the United States Playing Card Company.

    Playing with contrasts and textures, the interplay of red, gold and grey, on the pips, suits, and background, distills the elegance of the One Million Bicycle® deck.

    The exquisite royal backs are printed with striking gold tones on a vibrant red paper.

    Whether you'll use them for a poker game, for magic, or for cardistry, the One Million Bicycle® deck represents a statement of who you are.

    The tuck box is made with a high quality red vellum paper. This luxurious paper looks and feels like velvet. Instead of ink, the design is created entirely from several layers of highly reflective gold foil.

    Deck Features:

  • Premium box made of Red Vellum Paper and Gold Foil
  • Printed with Rich Gold Metallic Inks
  • Quality, durable, Bicycle® stock
  • 100% custom and original art in all 56 Cards
  • Ultra Smooth Performance Coating
  • 1 Gaff Card with multiple uses

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