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    Previous tricks.

    Below are some of the tricks that where sourced for our members recently.

    Enigma Pad (bonus 3 pack)

    The Enigma Pad is a multi-purpose tool for magicians and mentalists that has been secretly used by Paul Romhany for many years in walk-around situations, Television and stage shows. This unique pad has multiple uses; from the most convincing Add-a-Number type routine to a finale for "Which Hand". The Enigma pad has been cleverly designed to look like an ordinary note-pad however it is anything but...

    The Enigma Pad is small enough to keep in your pocket so you can take it everywhere you go. From each pad you will get at least 50 performances. Two Custom Enigma Pads are included giving you more than 100 performances.

    Paul shares several ideas and routines from his personal "Which Hand" routine , an easy routine with a 100% success rate!!! Also, Paul will expose his inner working on how to use the Engima Pad for a book test using a REGULAR BORROWED BOOK.

    You receive :

  • 2 ENIGMA PADS (over 100 performances)
  • Video Tutorial
  • Multiple handlings
  • Multiple Routines
  • Multiple uses

    THREE pads are included for a LIMITED TIME giving you more than 150 performances.

    "Finally an add-a-number pad that looks like a regular pad and requires no thinking or fumbling to use." - Wes Barker

  • P'ink by Ran Pink

    "This is so *#&king great. So many ideas are rushing through my head right now!" - Calen Morelli

    "Ran Pink is a genius! I've used his pens on everything from money to my own flesh and it has made it into several of my videos. And I'm not done creating new effects with it!" - Justin Flom

    Words change, drawings animate, spirits talk, matches un-burn.

    Ran Pink understands the mind of a creative magical ARTIST. After years of research and development, he's created something that generates "infinite possibilities" with one very special device. Until now only a handful of magicians and mentalists have had access to P'ink. It's been used for magic on television, youtube, stage and now it's time to see what you can do with it.

    Perfect for creating powerful magic for any audience. From effects that can be pulled from your wallet in a casual setting to routines for formal performances.

    Portable, subtle, and customizable.

    Moments (DVD and Gimmick)

    "I wish I knew these tricks when I was at school!" - DYNAMO

    Three Days. Two Magicians. A road trip to Vegas and 12 freakin' sweet tricks.

    Embark on a journey with UK's internet sensation, Rory Adams as he teaches you his strongest and hardest-hitting tricks from his personal inventory. Rory's jet setting lifestyle and easy going character shines through has he traverses the USA on a road trip to Las Vegas, leaving a trail of magic moments in his path.

    Each stop, new faces are greeted with moments of wonder, then Rory stops to teach you each trick, in full. Highly visual effects, and non-standard techniques, makes Moments a must for a new generation of magicians as well as seasoned professionals.

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